Fall in love with TiDeal,White praise in White Valentine!
In white Valentine, play game to win white praise!The Love Machine can make your crypto-currencies grow in multiples with chance of 60%! The more you invest, the more you get. Wanna make your Bitcoin double or even ten times? Let’s check the game rule by clicking the button below! More over, you have the chance to get iPhone XS!
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Sign in every day and date with TiDeal to get awards! The daily sign in will be refreshed at 11 o’clock AM (UTC+8). Collecting chocolates to play Love Machine and exchange for special prizes!Everyday there are lovely gifts for our loyal TiDeal babes!
White Valentine Missions
Finish the missions and get White praises one time each day.The missions will be refreshed at 11 o’clock AM (UTC+8) every day. Wanna get more chocolates and amazing Valentine gifts?Never miss any daily missions!
Chance of double
Chocolate * 1
Play the Love Machine, you will get chocolate x1
Try Love Machine
Knowledge Valentine
Chocolate * 1
Read TiDeal knowledge everyday to get chocolate x1
Click me
Rich Guy
Chocolate * 1
Lucky bag * 1
Deposit any coins, you will get chocolate x1 and little White praise x1
Go deposit
Buying ACA
Chocolate * 1
Mission Prize Aca
Buy any numbers of ACA in the market, you will get chocolate x1 and ACA x5 (ACA award is limited 3,000 person per day)
Go and buy
Selling ACA
Chocolate * 1
Mission Prize Aca
Sell any numbers of ACA in the market, you will chocolate x1 (ACA award is limited 3,000 person per day)
Go and sell
Heart Beat Shop
Chocolate you win from Valentine missions and Love Machine can exchange TiDeal Point and several real prizes! What are you waiting for? Try your best to get some chocolates!
Use 30 Chocolate
Use 50 Chocolate
Use 60 Chocolate
Use 90 Chocolate
The best way to exchange TP with Chocolate! Want to make your Chocolates double? Check out the Love Machine!
Use 250 Chocolate
Kampo Glucosamine
Sasaki Stella Kampo Glucosamine is made in Japan, it contains N-Acetylglucosamine, which is important element for the cartilage components formation, it can also slow down the degeneration of your cartilage.
Use 499 Chocolate
Momohana Slim
Sasaki Stella Momohana Slim is made in Japan, containing maqui berry, tear grass, black soybean, goboune, ginger etc., can relieve the problem of menstuaiton and constipation.
Use 599 Chocolate
E Plus Kan Power
Sasaki Stella E-Plus Liver Detox complex is made in Japan, its natural oysters has rich glycogen which is the necessary essential to operate the liver. It is effective to maintain and strengthen the functions of liver.
Use 699 Chocolate
Seed Of White
Sasaki Stella Seed of White contains pineapple extract, which can maintain the moisture of your skin by adding the ceramides; this product is suitable for people who like outdoor activities and easy to get tan.
Use 999 Chocolate
iPhone XS 256G
iPhone XS is the 5.8 inches iPhone and is the biggest prize in this campaign. If you are lucky enough, you can bring iPhone XS home! Only 2 iPhone XS are available for exchange in heart beat shop. The color of iPhone is distributed randomly by TiDeal.
Use 9999 Chocolate