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UUNIO is a brilliant token from Korean,
transfering your creations to abundant revenues.
UUNIO White Paper
uun.io >
Token Sale
2018/06/01 - 2018/06/30
Token : UUNIO
Exchange rate | 1 ETH / 9.9K UUNIO
Token supply | 900M UUNIO
Hard cap | None
Soft cap | None
Token Sale Status
4117.10 / 10000.00 ETH


Public Sale End in
Creators invest their time and effort into creating a content. But most of them do not receive proper compensation for their work. Conventional blockchain-based compensation-driven social media platforms limit the number of days for which content creators are paid for their work.

UUNIO disagrees with this method of compensation. Content compensation should not be limited by time or unfair conditions.
UUNIO faces towards a $31 billion-dollar Social Networking Service (SNS) market. These days, social networking has been mainly under the control of such multi-million-user platforms as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The users would use the services provided by these platforms for free, and the platforms would in turn collect a lot of information from the users. By using these data, the platforms could serve better advertisements for individual users, thereby collecting enormous fees from advertisers. However, the most important role in this process, the content providers, could only get a small share of income.

UUNIO devotes to using the decentralized characteristic of blockchain to build a brand new customer-creator oriented concept. For the Internet age, everyone's personal data and patent of his creations are valuable and should be protected. There would not be 3rd party central institute engages UUNIO's social market: not only the users of platform should acknowledge that they can earn by their own data and posts, but the content providers could earn their returns they should get.
Connor Tack
Connor is a specialist in IT services and international business development, and is the CEO of UUNIO. He worked as Head of Sales for the Aston Company in Singapore and as an advisor to Datarius, and was the CEO of Boogle and Kickchen. He graduated from UC Berkeley.
Moon Lee
Moon, a developer of rich experiences, is the CTO of UUNIO. He worked as CTO of Boogle, and as the founder/CTO of Eazler. He was responsible for the development of MMORPG game 'Cabal' at ESTsoft. He has been responsible for technology development at various companies including NHN Ent and NAVER Software.
Marketing Lead
Kevin is a Marketing Lead for UUNIO. He is doing as a heavy user of blockchain based social media. He has also lot of experienced management field through Entrepreneur Alliance of Busan, KLC, DSME. He work with OHSUCCESSDAY Inc. as representative. The YES24 best seller BIGWIN(self-deveopement & management) author
Hannah Kang
Hannah is a graphic designer at UUNIO. She was the art director of Blue Moon Corporation, the main designer of Chris and Partners, the main designer of Super Strings, editorial designer of DNomade, and worked as a freelance editing designer at KBS and Chungnam National University.
Miranda Tan
CEO of Robin8
Tan is current CEO of Robin8 and has over 10 years experience in PR and marketing. Former CEO of MyPRGenie, President of Excite Media Group, she specialized in PR and marketing for start-ups and fast growth companies including McKinsey & Company, National Imaging Associates.
Alex Mashinsky
CEO at Celsius
Alex is a serial entrepreneur and founder of seven New York Citybased startups, raising more than $1 billion and exiting over $3 billion. Alex founded two of New York City’s top 10 venturebacked exits since 2000: Arbinet, with a 2004 IPO that had a market capitalization of over $750 million; and Transit Wireless, valued at $1.2 billion.
Chandler Guo
Angel Invester and Founder of Bitcoin God Chandler
Chandler Guo is an angel investor and adviser who specializes in blockchain startups. He manages Bitbank, one of China's major mining companie, and is also the founder of Bitcoin God that was hard-forked from Bitcoin.
David Lee
David Lee graduated from UCLA in 1992 with Computer Engineering and received MBA with scholarship from USC. He is a seasoned veteran in high tech industry, having previously held senior roles in Microsoft, Oracle, Honeywell, IBM, NASA, DNV China. With a solid background in the Silicon Valley, he is well-versed in helping with early development of businesses and industries and investing in them. He has been taking an active part in IT and software industries as CTO, and is currently working as an early angel investor and advisor for a number of companies and investors including Ethereum and EOS.
Review Republic
It is an affective ranking platform and there are 500 thousand fans on their ranking platform.
It is a website providing cartoons and comics. Also, it is an educational center of the cartoonist. 200 thousand users currently.
Anonymous SNS service software. Users could upload the pictures and texts without registering for the platform. 600 thousand users currently.
Lock Screen App. User could get CashTree coins once that they finished the task in the App. Further, people can spend these coins in offline stores. 1.4 million users currently.

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